Hangover Cures: Alibi Health Drink

Hangover Cures: Alibi Health Drink

Good hangover cures are hard to come by and, as we enter the Christmas season, I’m collecting them like I wish I could afford to collect shoes.

An old friend recently told me about a drink she has tried and which, she claims, cured one of the worst hangovers she’d ever had. Within 25 minutes of drinking this elixir of life, in her words;

… I was firing up the camping stove and had the bacon and eggs on!”

Now that is a serious recommendation, right? Especially from what looks like a same-old, same-old energy drink in a can. I should also mention that this friend is quite the healthy one (apart from a passionate addiction to cheese and red wine), she grows veggies and loves nature, so I was surprised that she’d recommend a canned drink. We all know the older we get, the more sensational the hangovers get -easily robbing us of nine precious hours in cold daylight we will never get back and can hardly afford to lose- therefore, it definitely begged some further research. So I decided to investigate a little and present to you my findings.

The brand markets itself as ‘the ultimate health drink’ on its website.  It says the drink is ‘a lightly sparkling, fruit juice blend packed with 19 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts.’ Wow. Sounds healthy, but so does the average fruit juice drink. It also says that it aims to ‘replenish, hydrate and support’ your bodies defences. As one with a rubbish ‘defence’ system, this sounds promising. So what are these essential vitamins, minerals and extracts and why does such a combo cure the common hangover so dramatically?

Well, according to the website,

  1. Alibi contains MILK THISTLE! If anybody is actually reading my blogs, they will know that I reckon Milk Thistle is the holy grail of hangover cures!
  2. Alibi has apparently pioneered the development of a natural immunity defence ingredient, used as a dietary supplement from the USA called- ‘Wellmune beta glucan’. This ‘natural food and beverage ingredient’ has been tested in $300m of clinical trials and apparently boosts the immune system. I was quite unsure of this ‘ingredient’ which didn’t seem to belong to any food type, so I dug a little deeper and found that Wellmune is a beta 1,3/1,6 glucan derived from a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast and it seems this ingredient is doing wonders for the immune system, impressing doctors worldwide.

Alibi believe that their drinks promotes toxin elimination and cleanses the body and I can understand why! It also includes these wonderful natural cleansing and detoxifying herbs: Milk Thistle (400mg) – liver detoxification; Dandelion Leaf (400mg) – body purification; Sarsaparilla (400mg) – toxin elimination; Schizandra (400mg) – stress relief and Artichoke (400mg) – nausea reduction.

Oh, and it’s not carbonated either and is sweetened using Stevia!

Suffice it to say, I shall definitely be testing this wonder-juice out over the festive season and shall gladly report back to you!


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