Female Ejaculation: Does it Exist?

Female Ejaculation: Does it Exist?

Warning: We are going to discuss female ejaculation, or ‘squirting’ to the common folk and porn fans, so those that are squeamish or prudish should probably stop reading now.

The act of emitting fluid during sexual stimulation.

Back in 1904, psychologist Havelock Ellis suggested female ejaculation was a type of semen and was created in the two pea-sized glands which lubricate the vagina – the Bartholin glands. 50 years later, Ernest Gräfenberg disagreed with this theory and argued that, in fact, female ejaculation had little to do with lubrication. He had watched women masturbate  (lucky him, I hear some of you cry!) in a series of studies and decided that it happened as a result of the front wall of the vagina being stimulated – and thus, the G-spot was created. Thank you Gräfenberg, the ladies cry, (f#ck you, Gräfenberg, some men and ladies  with bad directional skills, cry).

The modern sides to this argument are straighforward. There’s the believers – certain women release a fluid which contains traces of prostatic secretions when they are stimulated. (Bear in mind, not every woman does, so don’t go running off to the gynaeo if you don’t. You are normal too! )In fact, most women actually don’t. Then there’s the disbelievers – the cynics believe that in fact the women who do are actually having a piddle. Yep, they believe it’s urine.  In fact, a recent rench study led by Samuel Salama from Hopital Privé de Parly II recruited a seven women – yes, seven whole women – to undergo what they termed as ‘provoked sexual arousal’, after which they were given pelvic ultrasound scans after they’d been for a wee and also during the sexual ‘moment’, then just before and after they ejaculated. Just to clarify: all the women had empty bladders before the test began.

The docs found that when the women were aroused, some of the women did release a fluid-like discharge. 10-40 per cent of women ejaculate a cupful, apparently (did they really measure it in a…cup?) The fluid included urea, uric acid, creatinine (a byproduct of muscle metabolism), and prostatic-specific antigen (PSA). PSA  is a protein that’s produced in men’s prostate glands and in the “female prostate” called the Skene glands; PSA is found in “true” female ejaculate. Urea, uric acid, and creatinine concentrations were comparable in all of the urine and squirt samples. However, PSA, which was not detected before sexual stimulation in six of the women’s urine samples, were present in urine collected after ejaculation took place and in a further five squirt samples. But the question of why the body produces it and where it comes from is still a, um, murky area. Do these women ejaculate like men do or do they simply have weaker bladders in the moment? As a result of this tiny wee-ny (sorry, haha) study,  researchers are now suggesting that squirting is, unfortunately, involuntary urination.

So how is it done? Well, it is believed that any woman can do it through a combination of stimulation of the G-spot, feeling completely relaxed and in a good frame of mind. it doesn’t hurt the body, in fact can make you feel fab so,  the conclusion is: if you do it, more power to you! If you don’t, keep enjoying your style of orgasm anyway, you’re not missing out! And for those who can act – piddle!

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story source: multiple internet sites.

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