Why Having An Eye Test Could Save Your Life

Why Having An Eye Test Could Save Your Life

I was diagnosed with migraine recently and while the doctors could prescribe me wonderful medication which eased the pain, they couldn’t give me a reason as to why the horrible headaches started in the first place.

Then my mum suggested it might have something to do with being in front of a computer for up to eight hours a day, sometimes more. Then I remembered that I had an eye test over seven years ago which confirmed I was long-sighted, I’d bought expensive glasses, lost them and continued on my merry way straining to see the bus number from half a mile away.

And an article in the Leicester Mercury suggests that I’m not alone in my nonchalant attitude to eye health. We to tke care of our eyes as we would another part of our body. Eye diseases such as glaucoma can be easily treated if detected early. But the eyes can also reveal  other serious health conditions, such as diabetes, strokes, brain tumours and even rheumatoid arthritis. Research is also being undertaken to see whether an eye test could identify Alzheimer’s in its early stages.

Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Steve Schallhorn and chief medical director at Optical Express says,”Getting an eye examination is a bit like getting a whole physical examination. There are a variety of eye and general health conditions that can be picked up in an eye examination that are essentially silent.”

The Eyecare Trust estimates one in 10 adults have never even had an eye examination – despite the fact that 85% of Britons admit to having problems with their sight! Suffice it to say, I’ve booked an eye test for the weekend!

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