Eat on Your Feet to Lose Weight

Eat on Your Feet to Lose Weight

Eat on your feet instead of while sitting down. This simple change in habit could decrease your chances of dying by 5% more than those who eat while on the move, according to the latest study.

Finland’s health ministry has publicly urged their citizens to make a habit of eating their meals while standing up in a bid to conquer health problems borne as a result of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that the Finnish Ministry report recommended in a new publication entitled Sit Less, Feel Better,“Many things can be done in a standing position or walking around instead of sitting down. Standing up also works for reading a newspaper, eating, taking a coffee break and watching television.”

The typical Finnish lifestyle is changing, as modern life is across the world, and people are leading increasingly sedentary lives with an increase in musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease and obesity as a result of excessive sitting at home and at work, in offices.

“Among those who sit more than seven hours a day, every additional hour spent sitting down increases the risk of death by 5%,” the ministry warned

According to the report, adult Finns sit, lie down or stand still for more than three-quarters of their day. Despite Finns exercising regularly, more is needed to be done about the adverse effects of excessive sitting down.

The publication advised that “People of all ages should avoid excessive sitting. They should walk or cycle short distances or stand in public transport, and try to maintain physically active ways of working,”

It suggested people should work exercise into their daily routines, for example, getting off public transport a stop early or walking an extra 300 metres twice a day. The report suggested just these simple changes could add around 150 kilometres of exercise to a lifestyle in a year – enough to make a difference healthwise. And the same goes for children. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of Finnish children, who spend their free time browsing smartphones or playing video games is affecting their health. The advice is that children should not spend more than an hour sitting continuously without an exercise break of some sort, and this is why children’s lessons are limited to 45 minutes in Finnish schools. And, thanks to the latest social reports about how well Finnish children do in school without exams, pressure and long lessons, this comes as no surprise.

photo credit: DW.DE

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