Why you should eat an egg more often

Why you should eat an egg more often

You’ve probably read or been told that you shouldn’t eat too many eggs. Yes, eggs have a bad reputation at least until now. Experts now believe that a moderate consumption of eggs won’t do any harm, in fact, it’s actually quite good for you.

Hungry feeling
Eggs are the perfect breakfast because with the amount of protein contained in eggs which gives you a fuller feeling. Because of this, the hunger feeling is reduced and there’s less chance of you snacking in between meals.

Health baby
Pregnant woman should especially eat eggs! Egg are rich in Choline, a vitamin which growing babies need for the development of their brain. Research has proven that extra Choline reduces the risk of mental problems in babies as well.

Tyrosine is an animo acid found in eggs. It stimulate the reflexes. Again, research from the university of Leiden, in The Netherlands concluded that eating an egg can reduce the chance of a car accident simply because your reflexes respond faster and work more efficiently.

An egg is therefore not only a great breakfast but a hard cooked egg truly is the perfect snack. Why not try a tasty herbed omelet with crunchy vegetables and a bit of shaved cheese for lunch? Its quick, tasty and nourishing.

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