The Healthy Pasta Dish That Doesn’t Taste Healthy!

The Healthy Pasta Dish That Doesn’t Taste Healthy!

Mondays are the one day of the week we eat the healthiest, starting as we mean to go on, especially after a fun, fat-filled weekend! So yesterday I started well, ate my rice puffs with seeds, blueberries and almond milk for breakie…

but by lunchtime, I was dreaming of Five Guys burgers dripping in bacon and cheese! So I persevered on the healthy tip and made myself a green smoothie – Kale, Avocado, Cucumber, Spinach and Almond milk even included the avocado seed as they are packed full of vitamin e and better for you than the actual avocado! But, who was I kidding? It was hard to stomach. It was raining outside, I wanted fat and stodge. I spoke to a friend who was having pesto pasta for lunch and then the craving for pasta hit and overwhelmed me. But then I had a brainwave (the smoothie must have been at work there!). Wasn’t my yukky green smoothie the basis for a pesto, just add some nuts and a bit of cheese?The-Healthy-Pasta-Dish-That-Doesn'

On went the linguine, under the grill went a piece of delicious wild salmon (Tescos Frozen Wild Salmon steaks, 6 for £5.29 – bargain) with nothing but a squeeze of lemon and some cracked pepper. Once the linguine was done, I poured my smoothie on top, added the salmon, crushed a few chillies in, a pinch of salt and gave it all a stir… my bitter-tasting smoothie was suddenly transformed into the yummiest pasta dish I’ve had in a long time, brimming with raw-but-warmed-veggie goodness but the wild salmon, chili, pepper and salt gave it a spicy, yummy zestiness – AND, IT WAS HEALTHY BUT DIDN’T TASTE HEALTHY! 

I’m so impressed with myself I had to share it! This shall be on my new Monday menu and I’ll be trying out new recipes which are healthy but don’t taste healthy and I’ll be sure to share them with you!

photo credit: Me!

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