Delicious Recipes: Aquafaba Meringue

Delicious Recipes: Aquafaba Meringue

Aquafaba, or ‘ chickpea brine’ is the magical natural egg alternative discovered recently by a French chef. This delight is now bringing joy to vegans and egg allergy sufferers the world over by allowing them to create delicious recipes they previously they couldn’t enjoy.

If you choose not to eat animal by-products or you are allergic to them, this means you will have missed out delicious recipes for the fluffy delights of sweet meringues or traditional French patisserie like macarons. But no more! Be prepared to gorge yourself! Here is a fantastic recipe for egg-free meringues using aquafaba and we dare you to find an egg – eater who can notice the difference!

Vegan or egg-free Meringues

brine from one can of chickpeas (around ¾ cup)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Heat the oven to 250°F and line one or more baking tray with baking paper. Pour the chickpea liquid into the bowl and beat with the whisk until it magically stiffens just like you would expect egg white to do! It should take around 15 minutes of good working to get the perfect stiffness. At this point, beat in the sugar and the vanilla extract.

If you have an icing pipe, use that, otherwise make little scoops of the mixture and dollop them on the baking tray. You can put this in the oven and basically leave well alone for around 90 minutes or until your meringues look crunchy and feel hard to the touch. Take them out at this point and let the meringues cool for around 10 minutes, before serving.

photo credit: Cooking by laptop

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