Delicious Recipes: Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Delicious Recipes: Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you must have heard about the fabulous Aquafaba, the liquid brine from tinned chickpeas and beans which is also the latest egg-alternative discovery. This bean-broth beaut is bringing much joy to the vegan world in the form of delicious recipes that need egg whites yet taste no different!

There are now all sorts of open-source communities on Facebook sharing recipes and theories as to why this natural product works so well. The best recipe we have come across, however, is this one for Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse – in two words, it is simply num nums.

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

1 cup Aquafaba taken from a tin of chickpeas

⅛ tsp Cream of Tartar

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Seeds from 1 Vanilla Bean Pod

6oz Dark Chocolate, melted 

Strawberries or blueberries, to decorate – of course, you might not get that far!

Firstly, you need to melt the chocolate in a pan or the microwave. The best way to melt chocolate is to put it in a plastic container and pop the container in a pot of boiling water. This way, you won’t burn the chocolate or forget about it and overcook it. Once it’s melted, leave it to cool
Now for the meringue. pour your aquafaba in a bowl and mix as though your life depends on it! Add the cream of tartar and mix until you begin to see it stiffening into soft peaks. Now add your sugar and vanilla seeds and whisk for a further few minutes. Now add the melted chocolate and fold into the mix with a flat spoon or a spatula. Fold gently until all the chocolate is mixed into the meringue. Pour your chocolate mousse into glasses and put in the fridge to set. It should take 3-4 hours.
photo credit: My Wife Makes 
Adapted from Miriam’s Blog
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