Curves For Women

Curves For Women

Watching gym bunnies seriously puts me off going to the gym. There’s nothing worse than watching muscled men and skinny women flexing their pecs and washboard stomachs in front of the mirrors.

But then I heard about Curves for Women, the gym run by women for women. According to reviews online, it is seems to offer the complete solution to weight loss in a safe, supportive, unpressurised environment where you don’t need to feel self-conscious, or like you’re on show.

Curves for Women combines exercise with a meal plan plus one-on-one coaching  in order to maximize fat loss and get your metabolism going, and all in just 30 minutes. I wait longer for a bus most days.

According to their website, in just 30-minutes, their plans ensure you work every major muscle group and always burn a minimum of 500 calories. The workouts include strength training, stretching and of course, the all-important cardio and did i mention they only last 30 minutes? oh yes, I did.  Sometimes I wait for a bus longer than that. In addition to the exercise plans, offer meal plans which are personalised to your preferred tastes and cater to your habits and daily routines. The Science is impressive too (taken from their website):

  • Over a 16 week period, Curves Complete participants lost 14.1 lbs. of fat. Those following the leading diet program lost only 6.4 lbs. of fat. So Curves Complete was more than twice as effective in burning off fat!
  • Finding #2: Curves Complete Participants Gained More Lean Muscle Mass For Long Term Success. During the same 16 week period, Curves Complete participants gained 2.9 lbs. of lean muscle mass, the kind of tissue that builds your metabolism. – Participants on the other plan actually lost 5.5 lbs of muscle, thereby slowing down their metabolism.
  • Curves Complete Participants Lost More Overall Body Fat % – Body Fat percentage is the total amount of body fat you have compared to your weight. It’s a key indicator in BMI and helps to determine your overall health. A high body fat percentage, puts you at risk for certain diseases. However, just a small amount of fat loss can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Participants of the Curves program lost a total of 4.7% of overall body fat – over 60% more than those on the popular diet program at 1.4% body fat lost.

If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to weight loss, check their gym locator for a gym near you.

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