Winter is Coming: Crowdfunding Plea For Syrian Refugees

Winter is Coming: Crowdfunding Plea For Syrian Refugees

So far, the UK has taken in only 216 Syrian refugees, though we are happy to report that this afternoon, David Cameron promised to take thousands more. Germany has registered 44,417 asylum applications from Syrians from January to July 2015 and is expected to take in 800,000 refugees before the year is out. Think about this: winter is coming, and over 300,000 Syrians are currently homeless.

Around 4,000 Syrians have actually made their way across Europe into the makeshift refugee camp in Calais with over 100 more arriving each day. Having fled persecution, violence and conflict in their war-torn homeland, these humans now face this winter without safety, shelter, warmth or even food. Basic human necessities, basic human rights. We already know how cold a western Europe winter can be – and we have a roof over our heads. We also know just how fast winter can come on, how quickly the temperatures can drop. Imagine trying to keep yourself and a child warm, out in the elements as the rain falls from above, the snow settles below your shoeless feet… this is the potential reality for the refugees. The dire conditions they are living in now are only going to get worse, fast.

The 28 E.U countries are holding an extraordinary meeting in a week’s time on 14th September to discuss the crisis. A march in solidarity with the refugees is due to take place across London on 12th September to show the refugees we haven’t forgotten them and are doing all we can – despite our lethargic government.


As usual, it is up to us, at grassroots level, to make a difference. That is why a group of friends, Kat Morris & Claire Walsh, Claire Secco and some others have decided to try and raise some funds through crowdfunding. The aim is to raise £500 to buy supplies to be driven down to Calais at the beginning of October ( in less than 30 days). Your donations will be spent on providing shelter, warm clothes, food supplies and transport to Calais.

As the ladies say on their page, your donations could make the difference between life and death this winter. If you can do nothing else, but you have a spare few quid, please donate here.

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