Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

The cheeseboard is one of the best bits of the annual Christmas dinner. Lashings of flavours, aromas and textures! And despite what people say, there’s actually nothing wrong with a bit of cheese!

Cheese can help you to lose weight (in the right quantities!) 

Cheese is a wonderful source of protein which actually curbs hunger, working to keep you feeling satisfied longer after a meal or a snack of the deliciousness! Obviously, eating your body’s weight of cheese might have the opposite effect, but, as part of a well-rounded nutrition plan, protein slows down the absorption of the carbs (those cheese biscuits, or the million roasties you had before) you eat with it. This balances your blood-sugar levels and stops you from wanting a sugary treat!

Cheese is good for your teeth and bones! 

Cheese is full of calcium which women especially need to help ward off osteoporosis in later life, not to mention the need for dentures!

Cheese can help with PMS!

Cheese has nutrients such as Zinc and Biotin which can help with PMS symptoms but more than that, these nutrients are needed to aid tissue growth and repair and protect your skin and also to keep hair and nails strong.

Here are some delicious cheeses to include on your Christmas cheeseboard, you may not have tried yet!

Gorwydd Caerphilly

cheese-Gorwydd Caerphilly-

This British cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a subtle creamy flavour which has ‘buttery and vaguely citrus notes’, according to the Telegraph.





This French cheese is also made from cow’s milk  and is soft and crumbly, perfect for spreading on a Carr’s biscuit, it’s creamy in colour and, like you’d expect from a French cheese, has a strong aroma.





photo credit: Tastespotting/ Guardian

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