A bottle of wine a day is perfectly okay!

A bottle of wine a day is perfectly okay!

For those that enjoy a relaxing glass of wine in the evenings, or perhaps a small bottle of beer, we have good news. According to Dr. Kari Pokolainen, a former research at the World Health Organisation (WHO), a bottle of wine a day is perfectly okay!

The Finnish scientist and former WHO expert goes against pretty much all other guidelines regarding alcohol consumption. His conclusion is based on a 10 year long research into the effects of alcohol on the human body.

Men are currently advised to not drink more than four glasses (roughly, 175 ml) a day and women are advised to drink between two or three which is approximately the same as one large glass of wine. A bottle of wine has approximately six glasses in it but Poikolainen claims that alcohol becomes a danger when people drink more than 13 glasses a day.

Poikolainen goes a step further by claiming that people who drink more than the daily advised amount tend to live longer than those who don’t. From the results of Poikolainen’s test we can conclude that moderate drinking is better than no drinking at all and that drinking too much is worse than drinking nothing at all, in comparison. With this in mind we see that the average drink consumer generally drinks more than the recommended daily amount.

Alcohol remains a poison
Not everyone agrees with his research however. Julia Manning of the Thinktank 2020 Health says that Poikolainen’s results “aren’t useful in this discussion. Big claims have been made without supporting proof” Manning also added that “alcohol is a poison whereby the dangers are much larger than the advantages”

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