Beat those office snack attack moments

Beat those office snack attack moments

There’s nothing worse than working in an office, being on a diet, doing really well and then 11 o’clock or boredom hits (or both).

You look around frantically for some sugary substance to take the edge off the routine office snack attack moment and keep you going till 5pm… and the only suitable sustenance on offer are those tea dippers, digestives, custard creams.. and on Fridays or birthdays… CHOCOLATE CAKE (note to office manager, are you TRYING to make us/keep us fat on purpose?).

But take note and arm yourself. It is possible to satisfy the cravings without piling on the pounds.

Here are my super snacker recommendations.

Go heavy on the hummus 
make your own with this easy, tried and tested recipe, or be lazy and pick up some of Sainsbury’s own label pots of hummous which are yum. Chop up some veggies, take to work and eat to your hearts content.
Go Nuts 
Nuts are yum and ultra healthy too but be warned, don’t eat too many as they can be quite calorific! A decent serving is about 23 almonds which equates to around 30g. Nuts are loaded with vitamin E,  and other goodies. They are filling too as they are a good source of protein and fibre.
Top up with popcorn 
Low in calories, the healthy popcorn ranges are just yummy and you get loads in a bag so feel like you’re stuffed your chops. Try the wholegrain, low salt versions which are just as yummy and even healthier!
Boiled eggs are bad! 
These badboys are brilliant snacks because they are tasty and they fill you up too. Try having one of these for breaky – just one of these honestly used to take me  right up until lunchtime without having to snack! In south America they splash hot sauce and black pepper all over them and sell them on stands in the streets because they’re cheap an full of protein. Boil one in the morning or a few on a Sunday night, store in the fridge and grab one each morning to take to work with you. Bung it in the fridge at work and have it at break time.
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