Be Mindful Health & Wellness Centre Needs Your Help!

Be Mindful Health & Wellness Centre Needs Your Help!

A crowdfunding project which aims to help people suffering from chronic pain needs your help to reach its modest target.

The Be Mindful Wellness Centre is trying to raise £500 by 3rd October 2015 so it can launch its first clinic in Hereford, north of England. The main focus of the business is to create a wellness centre which will focus on fusing Physiotherapy, Meditation, Pilates and Yoga to treat people with chronic pain conditions.

Chronic Pain affects around 1 in 7 of the UK population and remains one of the most under-funded services within the NHS. Finding effective treatment for chronic pain, especially alternative, pharmaceutical-free treatments can often be lengthy and frustrating leaving those affected feeling helpless.

The Be Mindful Wellness centre will provide people with the services, advice, techniques and strategies they need to enhance their health. It will offer 1:1 physiotherapy consultations and treatments and specialised Pilates and Yoga classes for people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder through alternative therapies such as meditation, mindfulness practices and movement therapy.

The clinic is scheduled to open its doors on 5th October but before this can happen, the team behind it need to raise funds to buy the products they need. Working in conjunction with Neals Yard Remedies to hire the centre venue, pay for marketing materials and launch its website.

Stage 2 sees the launch of the Pilates for Back Pain Course in November 2015. The organisers say it is an entirely evidence-based 6-week course to be taught by an Austrailian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institue Certified Pilates Instructor.

Stage 3 is scheduled for 2016. The team want to start several smaller projects including the launch of a Yoga for Chronic Pain Course. Funding will be mainly used for training and education of staff to prepare for it.

So dig in and dig deep on the crowdfunding page, here. 

photo credit: Be mindful

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