Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health?

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health?

Skinny jeans, the favourite style of jeans for most fashion-conscious men and women under 60 may be bad for your health, according to reports this week.

A report in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry said a 35-year-old Australian woman had to be cut out of her skinnies after her calves swelled up. Apparently, she had spent long periods of time squatting to put things in empty cupboards after moving house. However, by the evening, her feet were numb and she experienced difficulty walking. She tripped over and lay, unable to get up for hours before help arrived. Doctors called it compartment syndrome and it was suggested her skinny jeans made the condition worse.

She was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where her lower legs were found to be severely swollen. Her feet however, were with a good supply of blood pumping to them though her muscles were weak and fairly numb. She had experienced muscle and nerve damage as a result. It took four days and an intravenous drip until she was able to walk again unaided.

She is not the first to have been reported as experiencing compartment syndrome thanks to tight clothing. However, Priya Dasoju, a professional adviser at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, told the press: “As with many of these warnings, the very unfortunate case highlighted is an extreme one.

“There’s no need to ditch the skinny jeans just yet, simply avoid staying in the same position for too long and keep moving throughout the day. If you do suffer any prolonged pain you should, of course seek help, but no-one should be alarmed by this warning or change the cut of their jeans.”

So, are skinny jeans bad for your health and will you stop wearing them? We think, regardless of this slightly concerning information, skinny jeans have more pros than cons and are definitely here to stay!

photo credit: Collective Evolution

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