Affirmation Meditation Is The One!

Affirmation Meditation Is The One!

This post is all about  a new type of meditation I’ve been told about. It’s simple, effective and will make all the difference- apparently!

The stress of modern life is getting to me. Dealing with people, situations, decision-making, non-stop  life administration, every single minute of every single blessed day is tiring, it’s brain-tiring, body-tiring, soul-tiring. It’s I-want-everything-to-stop-though-I-don’t-want-to-stop tiring. And something’s got to give before I do. So a colleague sensed my tense need for some relaxation and, rather than offering me the usual glass of vino, she recommended meditation instead (for the thousandth time – hey, I’m literally ALWAYS too busy for meditation).

We should all know by now the benefits of meditation: it’s not just a load of ohmmms, floaty white dresses, bare feet and beads. It’s a widely talked about the fact that mediation can be used by anyone at any time, and it has some real, scientifically-proven health and emotional benefits.

Aside from helping you deal with stress, meditation can also help you to reduce negative emotions, increase self-awareness, but more physical benefits include managing anxiety, asthma, cancer, heart disease, any painful illness and, of course, sleep conditions.

So, anyway, let’s get to the point, chop chop, this is how affirmation meditation works:

Step 1: Choose a specific goal.

Why are you meditating? Is it to gain perspective? To release negative energy, to focus? Do you want to lose weight, or get fitter? Get SPECIFIC.

  • Gain perspective – your sister will be moving out and away SOON. SOON you will be free.
  • Negative energy  – she is your sister and not a bad person, she has many good points
  • Lose weight – that spare tyre on your waist doesn’t belong there – eat less at lunch, and it will go.
  • Get fitter – walk the stairs and escalators today.

Step 2: Choose a daily motivational quote

At the beginning of the day, choose a quote and make it personal, make it relevant.

Sisters – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them – turn this into – Laura, I can’t live with her, I can’t live without her – argh that hurts!

Repeat the same affirmation every day so it truly sticks

Step 3 Say it loud and proud

Repeat it every morning, out loud with gusto! Then pause for a few moments and contemplate how you will implement this into your day.

According to researchers at the Journal of Experimental Psychology, studied people who said important information out loud while they were studying, and noticed this had a more significant impact upon their minds and memory.

Step 4: Repeat it.

Throughout the day. Under your breath, on the loo, to your reflection. ” I will not eat dessert today, I will not eat dessert today.”

The National Diabetes Education Program in the US of A designed a plan to encourage healthier eating and one of the suggested elements is repeating daily positive affirmations: “Some people repeat an affirmation to themselves while walking, or they may post it on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door to receive encouragement from it every day.”

Step 5: Use your imagination.

Imagine yourself in that bikini. Do a twirl, you’re on the beach! Or, in my case, imagine I’m sister-free, living in a cool flat with my mate and NOT my annoying younger sister.

Johns Hopkins Medicine, recommends visualisation as they say it plays an important role in the psychology of mindless eating. So picture exactly how much you intend on eating before each meal and then be firm and stick to that limit. This way, your mind will pair up with your body and prepare it to not want to overeat. Simple.

So really, the truth is most of is meditate in some form, already. It is a mode of consciousness, of being with yourself, helping yourself and guiding yourself. This type of affirmative meditation is another way of reinforcing to yourself, or reminding yourself that you are in control and can achieve anything you want to – bloody hell, I feel better already! Laura, you can come out now! Lol.

photo credit: Affirm Your Life

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