Add lemons or lime to your water and make your own detox power juice

Add lemons or lime to your water and make your own detox power juice

Some things in life are free and some things in life are very simple. One of those things is detoxing with just water and a couple of piece of fruit. Its not only delicious but extremely healthy, so get cracking!

If you’re the type of person who drinks too little water and too much fizz then this is a great option for you. It will hydrate and purify at the same time and all you need is a empty bottle to put water in a few slices of lime or lemon.

But lets start with the reason why this simple drink does wonders for you:

Firstly citrus fruits contain large amount of vitamin c and potassium. As you probably already know, Vitamin C is vital for your immune system helping to fight of infection and disease and Potassium is imporatn for your brain, nerve system and help keep your blood pressure low.

Secondly, Water and lemon or lime juice can help with weight loss. In lemons you’ll find pectine fibres which help stave off the hunger feeling. Water is of course a wonder in itself already and as written above hydrate and detoxifies at the same time.

Thirdly, Fresh citrus juices in tepid or warm water is great for digestion. Lemon’s contain minerals and vitamins which cleanse your body from the inside out resulting in better functioning intestines and less chance of a bloated stomach.
Fourthly, citrus fruits an in particular the vitamin c in them help again spots and fine lines.

Fifth, possibly the nicest reason of all – water and citrus fruits have a great taste. It contains very little calories so you can drink to your hearts content.

Make it your new routine. Its easy. Simply fill a little of water in a glass bottle. Add 4 lime wedges and store in your fridge overnight. The next morning you’ll have nice cold vitamin water which hardly cost a penny!

If you’d prefer to use lemon then slice 4 lemon pieces, cut them in half and add the the water instead!

Try replacing the lemon or lime with cucumber once in a while too!

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