9 interesting facts about fruit and vegetables

9 interesting facts about fruit and vegetables

Everyone knows how healthy fruit and vegetables are. Its a well known fact that we’ve all heard, most likely, since early childhood. Fruit and vegetable are full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help our bodies in a multitude of ways.

But did you know that not all fruit and vegetables are ‘made’ equal in terms of what they do or do not provide? Yes, you heard it correctly. Some fruit or veggies simply offer more or higher levels of vitamins, whilst other fruits/veggie only provide this in combination with other food sorts.

Yep! You’ve got it right. It’s complicated and this is exactly why we’ve compiled this 1 minute video providing you with some very interesting insights.

Did you know that….?

– Apples are made up of 25% air which is why they float
– The avocado has the highest level of protein of all fruit
– Ginger helps reduce muscle pain (from exercise) by 25%
– Cucumbers are made of 96% water
– Cherries belong to the rose family
– Honey is the only food that never goes bad
– Brocolli contains two times as much vitamin C as an orange
– Aubergines are actually berries
– Lemons contact more sugar than strawberries


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