8 things you never knew your body could do!

8 things you never knew your body could do!

Was it a premonition or pure coincidence? Have you ever had a thumping feeling in your joints just before it started to rain? Or perhaps a sudden migraine attack in extreme cold temperatures? Well, the human body is capable of a lot of strange and wonderful things. Below a list of the strangest things our bodies can tell us.

1 – Painful joints predict the weather
If you’ve ever thought those stories about cracking joints and the weather were myths, then you’d be quite wrong. Due to atmospheric pressure changes our nerve endings register an increase in joint fluids and this causes pain. When this happens you know for sure that a storm is on it way.
2 – Your eyes know when its really too cold
We all know what its like to be cold but in cases of extreme cold, our eyes know even better. In the case of sever hypothermia our blood vessels in our eyes become narrow to save on energy. This can lead to temporary blindness as experienced by model Kate Upton during her photo shoot for Sport Illustrated in Antarctica.

3 – Your heart knows things before it happened…
Unfortunately we’re not talking about knowing how many children you’ll have or how much tax you’ll get back but recent from recent research prove that our heart anticipates some future events. Scientists at the North Western University of California and the University of Padova in Italy let candidates view various photos. Some of the photos were neutral whilst others were specially selected to provoke a reaction. They concluded that the heartbeat of some people increased in speed 10 seconds before seeing an image of a provocative image which could mean that we know in advance when something exciting is about to happen.

4 – Your pupils always give away your secrets
If you have a crush on someone, you’re eyes are the first things to tell your secret tell. What happens is that your pupils will enlarge when you are excited or aroused, however subtly, in the presence or even just thought about a certain person. It also applies to non human things such as delicious food or a beautiful sunset.

5 – Time travel through your nose
Sometimes just the smell of something can trigger memories from old. For example, the smell of your sun cream will revive memories of a certain holiday. Our sense of smell is strong and lasting. It easily triggers memories from the past and this happens because its located in the same place in our brains where emotions are stored. Smells, memories and feelings are intricately a part of each other that certain smells can induce memories which then induce intense emotions. Scientist call this the magical time machine.

6 – Eyes predict the dawn of spring
When you begin to sneeze, then you know its spring. Yes, those allegy sufferers know all about it. Pollen in the air, which is invisible is a great nuisance for hay-fever sufferers whilst at the same time an indication that spring has arrived.


7 –  Digestion in stalled
In a dangerous situation, our bodies go into a kind of automatic pilot to preserve as much energy as possible. Our brains release adrenaline, we begin to breath faster and our pupils expand in such a situation. However, our digestion does something completely different. It stops temporarily so that our muscles can contract and demonstrate  high levels of strength when needed. There have even been sightings of mothers demonstrating incredible strength by lifting up a car to release her trapped child from underneath it.



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