4 things it’s best not to do before bedtime

4 things it’s best not to do before bedtime

Ever wondered why, though you wouldn’t claim to suffer from insomnia, you do huff and puff and struggle to sleep some nights? Here are four really sensible bits of advice we think you should always adhere to before bed. No no, not yet, you can thank me in the morning after you’ve skipped to work, hugged your boss and got a pay rise.

1. Exercise

No, we don’t mean ditch exercise altogether! In fact, as we all know it is advisable to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day and this in turn will not only keep you fit but also contribute to you getting a good night’s sleep. What we mean is you shouldn’t exercise within a few hours of bedtime as this raises your body temperature and being hot and bothered before bed makes it harder to switch off. Unless you’re falling asleep in the warm arms of someone sexy after a little between-the-sheets action. That’s different. Obvs.

2. Social Networking  Do you really think it’s necessary to change your status, profile photo, stalk that romantic/non-romantic/potential friend stalkee FB friend before you go to sleep? Studies have shown that being subjected to the lcd light can stop your body from switching off as it stops the production of melatonin which is the hormone that sends your body to sleep. Make sure you’ve turned that TV and Facebook off at least an hour before bedtime (she says, laptop on lap at midnight, in bed).

3. Drink too much of anything

Drinking any type of liquid, be it beer, vino, caffeine, even water or green tea before you go to sleep will 100% have you up and down to the loo in the middle of the night, breaking your sleep and making it more difficult to get to those hotties you want to dream about in the REM stage. Try not to drink anything in the few hour before lights out. Thirst is just as bad. Make sure you have a glass of water to sip during the night.

4.Make Love not War before Bed. If you want to wake up angry and tetchy, there’s nothing that’ll do the trick better than a fight or heated words before bed. Research shows that sleeping after a fight or trauma actually preserves the negative emotions until you wake up! The human body is pre-programmed to survive, so falling asleep in ‘dangerous’ or tense situations is not part of its defence mechanism. Anyway, think about it, you’ll lie there re-running each blow, unkind word or things you should have said. Hardly conducive to a peaceful and relaxing sleep is it? Don’t do it.

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