3 tips to help you sleep better

3 tips to help you sleep better

Have you ever thought about the fact that we are supposed to sleep one third of our life? To some, it might sound like a waste of time, and to some, like a dream (pun not intended). But it is the fact that getting those seven to nine hours of sleep at night is crucial for our health. However, in the world we live, it is quite a difficult thing to achieve, both because of the many responsibilities we feel like we need to handle immediately, and because we are all under the constant stress for many reasons. Both those things can affect our ability to sleep well. Here are a few tips how to get some of those healthy ZZZZ’s.

Warm tea to relax

Drink a cup of tea – Many people like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening, but the caffeine in it might keep them awake for longer than they want. You should leave the coffee for the morning or the afternoon, and in the evening, drink lots of water (which you should be doing anyway!) and, if you crave a warm beverage, milk, hot cocoa, and tea are all legitimate options. However, tea might be the best one, because certain kinds of tea can help in calming and relaxing you, such as chamomile, lavender, and peppermint.

Banish smart devices

Leave all of your devices alone- Everyone scrolls through social media in their bed sometimes, but it can lead to unhealthy sleeping habits. For one, smartphones (and other gadgets) are fun, and it is easy to lose track of the time when using them, and even if a person is sleepy, using their phone will keep their mind alert and occupied, not letting it relax and prepare for sleep.

Also, the screens emit harmful blue light that make us feel more awake, messing up our melatonin levels (melatonin is a hormone responsible for our sleep cycle), which can cause tiredness during the day and insomnia during the night. Therefore, it is recommended to leave your electronic friends alone at least an hour before sleep.

Find the right soothing audio

Find a relaxing audio track to listen to – ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is an experience during which people feel tingly and relaxed when they hear different quiet sounds, such as gentle whispering, tapping or scratching against the microphone, crinkling of the paper and many more.

Different ‘triggers’ will work more or less for different people, and with ASMR’s increasing popularity, it is easy to find something for almost everyone. But if ASMR simply does not work for you, do not worry, there are other options.

For example, rain and nature sounds. You can find all the different kinds on the internet – from a gentle summer rain to a storm full of thunder, from sea waves crushing against cliffs to a bonfire gently crackling in the night.

Another option is white noise. It is like that noise when your TV gets broken and there is a static on the screen, except that it is relaxing instead of annoying.

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